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"To Conquer without Risk, is to Triumph without Glory" El Cid

We are your travel partners 

We are your partners on this journey.

For Startups:

We accompany you on advisory boards, helping you to anticipate and improve your strategy. #NeverAlone anymore

We’ve been through what you have been, as entrepreneurs, and we understand you, and we have been for more than 10 years on the investors side, and we understand the thinking, so we can help you create a funding strategy as well as a business strategy.

For Corporates:

We accompany you on advisory boards. We understand your needs (we've been on corporates) and we know deeply the startup and innovation ecosystem (we've been there too). Only understanding both sides we can help you grow and innovate together. 

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Proven experience in Seed and Early Stage Start-ups on both sides of the Table