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CEOs, Board Directors, Lawyers, Auditors...

On the mission to connect the traditional world with the startup world, on a smooth, easy and practical way, we have launched with Ana Guasch Seculi and EADA Business School a program (Ecosistema Digital, ADN) to approach the digital world mindset to those people that feel is far from them, but understand that there is more interaction between the ON and OFF world. 
It is a program that will help you in a 3 hours weekly session during 10 weeks, to understand the jargon to "belong to the actual pitch".
All through different modules. It is given by experts that are actively doing what they explain, and they will teach concepts and contrast with guest speakers that apply the concepts on a daily basics, (startups, corporates, smes, services), with high level guest speakers: 
Edreams, Airbnb, Ogilvy, Byhours, Hawckers, Puig, Heura, MWC, Etailers, Zurich, P&G, Tendam, Cocunat, Banco Sabadell, Alastria...
This is the program to integrate the Digital Concept on your day-to-day! 

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