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Non-executive Independent Board Positions

Current Board Positions:

We believe on High Impact Boards:

        .on the excellence of Boards

        .on the Boards that not only do control tasks, but also, dedicate most of the time to generate value to the  company, and thus, to the shareholders.

        .on the Boards that anticipate and look to the future and not only to the past.

        .on the Boards that challenge themselves to go one step further.  

        .on having diversity of profiles, of ways of thinking, of knowledge, of experiences, of ages, of cultures,           and, of gender.


The best boards are those that generate debate, that challenge themselves, in order to help the company get to the next level.


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"Helena is reliable, innovative and easy to work with. I worked with her in the development of a digital platform for medical dermatology. She helped the team to adopt a start-up mindset, to always think about the end user and to focus on data to maximize impact. Helena is a partner that takes you out of your comfort zone with optimism and good energy." 

Laura Requejo

Global Brand Manager, Almirall

"Helena is absolutely unique. He strong commitment to projects, her sharp intuition in managing every kind of business situation and her proven negotiations skills makes her the person you do want and need by your side. She is a true "people connector" and her generosity is simply least as her smile and positive energy. She is the example to me of a true "woman on board", who merges perfectly technical and soft skills, making her projects achieving outstanding results" 

Francy Gabetti

Founder & CEO, TeamEQ

"It has been a privilege to be Helena's mentoring teammate for more than 4 years. Her wide business and start-up experience and her capacity to transmit it, her willingness to listen and to help, the ability to identify the weak points of a project and strengthen them by making the right questions are unique. It has been a great learning experience to work with her." 

Eloi Carbonell

President, Copcisa

"If you are looking for help raising money, pitching, networking or negotiating with investors, Helena is one of the best assets you can add to your start-up or growing company. She’s very committed and I’m forever impressed by her capacity to find solutions and her very sharp mind. Five Stars!" 

Jean Noel Saugier

Cofounder & CEO, MyTwinPlace

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