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MODE: Webinar (4h - spanish/English)


MODE: FACE TO FACE (4.5h - spanish/English)


Understand the entrepreneur ecosystem from both sides of the table

Know the non-written rules 

Learn that valuation is just a number on a 50 pages agreement

Get the tricks to be able to change the valuation without changing the figure

Learn the difference between what it means and how it affects to you

Understand exactly what you are signing

Prepare a funding strategy as well as a business strategy


Pitch / Deck
Term-sheet / Clauses
Cap Table

"Helena is a monster of the entrepreneurship ecosystem. She's generous and she is the clear example of the empowered woman. She knows the sector at it's deepest and is one of the best advisors I've known on my professional life. I recommend 100% to assist at one of her talks but, overall, I recommend to attend to one of her courses. I did one about Startup investment and  still today, I use it on my day to day" 

Sara Orra 

COO Trioteca

“Going to the course allowed me to have all the key information around funding and fundraising on startups in just one shot. Completely  recommended, both if you want to learn the basics and if you want to go deeper on details.”

Marc Coderch

CEO & Cofounder ParcApp

“Totally recommended course. It has been long time since I attend a course where I can learn so many new concepts and that I can apply. I wish I had done it before. Great content (with both visions: startup & investor) and overall, the lecturer, Helena Torras sharing her big experience and knowledge. Still lot to learn!”

Montse Jodar

CEO Skingdom


"Helena is an insightful, resourceful and bright trainer. She gracefully swifts from the founder's perspective to that of the investor providing a valuable 360 degree view of what is building, scaling and consolidating a venture. The funding tips, the negotiation and the strategy, all are delivered through examples for easy understanding. The course is compact and very advisable." 

Gemma Estrada 

Director Digital Health, Ferrer

“Helena shares 12 years of valuable experience on a structured and practical course, with first-hand experiences. You’ll learn about the leadership and decision-making, and the negotiations on your entrepreneur journey. On the fundraising negotiation, not everything is allowed. There has to be a win-win relationship in order to obtain positive outcomes and scalables”

Ricard Garriga 

CEO & Cofounder Trioteca

“When, from a Corporate, you have to take investment decisions with startups, you need to understand the standpoints from the Venture capital and the startup. Doing the course, Helena helped me to understand both views at the same time. She has been on both sides of the table and she explains it on a very understandable way. Totally recommended!"

Mariona Sanz

Girbau Lab Director

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