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Managing Partner



Helena is a multifaceted professional whose journey unfolds in three distinct blocks, each contributing to the dynamic tapestry of her career.

1. In the Corporate block, she honed her skills as an auditor, strategy consultant, and ultimately rose to the role of CEO in an analogical company.

2. Transitioning seamlessly into the Tech realm, Helena donned a myriad of hats—entrepreneur, business angel, investor, and mentor—actively immersing herself in the vibrant tech ecosystem.

3. Currently, Helena stands at the intersection of Corporate and Tech, where she gracefully guides investment strategies for Hans(wo)menGroup South Europe, an Austrian family office. Simultaneously, she lends her expertise as an Independent Board Director to multiple boards, seamlessly connecting her experiences from both realms.

In her Corporate tenure with KPMG, PR&G, and SARDomus, Helena navigated diverse roles, including Interim Manager in various verticals. Her lateral thinking skills and innovative problem-solving approach were key to her success in this space.


Transitioning into the Tech world 13 years ago, Helena embraced the role of a serial entrepreneur. She co-founded or contributed to multiple startups, expanding operations globally and securing substantial funding. Her transparent, trustworthy, and collaborative approach became her trademark, enhancing her capacity to connect anything and anyone, driving impactful growth. Impossible is simply not in her vocabulary.


In her role as a Venture Partner at Hans(wo)menGroup, Helena invests in tech projects in the seed stage, being more than just a financial investor.


As a passionate advocate for tech startups, Helena invested in over a fifteen ventures privately. Recognizing the pivotal role of governing bodies in companies, she pursued executive programs at renowned institutions such as UCLA, IESE, and HARVARD, focusing on the value that Board Directors can bring to organizations. Helena currently serves as an Independent Board Director for Lucta and Mastertech.


Eager to share and contribute, Helena actively participates in the tech community. She holds positions on the Governing Board of BarcelonaTechCity and Circulo Ecuestre.She also shares her insights as a speaker at tech events.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Helena finds solace in nature on weekends, dedicating time to her most significant project: her family.

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