FAQS I usually help with:


.How much money should I pay to this profile? Should I give shares? This profile is asking more? Should I say yes or no?

.Should I build a Board? With whom?

.How should I prepare my Board Meeting?

.After the Board Of Directors, how should I leverage all what has been said?

.How should I manage my investors relations? I have issues with them

.How can I make my partners see that, although the risk, is the right decision?

.I need to take out one investor, how should I proceed?


.Should I outsource or hire inhouse?

.Should I fire someone? How should I approach it?

.I have to give an ultimatum. Should I? How?

.I have problems with one of the CxO which is also shareholder on the company. What should I do?

.I’m about to Burn-out

.As a CEO, how I balance my personal and professional life? How can I make that my devote dedication impact as less as possible to my family life?


.Someone approached me to have a conversation? Potential partner? Potential sale? How should this first and future conversations be?

.What is my funding strategy?

.Should we distribute dividends?

.Should I Spin-off or keep it in the company?

.Should I start a new product/service or keep focus on what gives me money now?

Business & Operations

.Does my company need whatever service? Is this the price I should pay?

.What metrics should I monitor in my day-to-day business?

.How to handle a difficult situation?.

.Preparation, Creation and Review of Business Plan

.Orientation on difficult negotiations

.Review of agreements from a practical perspective

.Business Questions


Advisory to the CEO​, CXO Team

Someone you trust, who is able to step in your shoes given their first hand business experience and who understands the strategic context of your organization

Never alone anymore. We are your travel partners. Sometimes there is just no one you can turn to to discuss confidential topics and brainstorm various options and strategies.


Have an external perspective can give help you gain new insights on a current issue, have a sanity check or gain more clarity

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